LinkedIn is a powerful tool in attracting like-minded individuals to your profile and in building meaningful relationships that can open tremendous opportunities to your career or business.

It’s not enough that you connect with other LinkedIn members. What you do after connecting with them is what matters.

Here are 10 ways you can use LinkedIn to express gratitude and build meaningful relationships:

1. Endorse your connections for their skills.

2. Recommend your connections.

3. Ask for recommendations from current and former colleagues or previous clients. Let them know you’ve enjoyed working with them. Then, you can “return” the favor by also giving them recommendations.

4. Give kudos to your connections. A simple shout-out can make a huge difference.

5. Like or share your network’s content.

6. Leave thoughtful comments on their posts.

7. Make introductions.

8. Join group conversations. Add useful insights.

9. Send them a direct ‘thank you’ message.

10. Meet in person. Get to know each other in real life.

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