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LinkedIn Local Philippines

When I hosted the first LinkedIn Local meetup here in the Philippines, which we held in Angeles City, I had only one thing in mind — I was excited to meet in person some of my LinkedIn connections.

Knowing that only less than 1% of LinkedIn members from the Philippines are active, I thought, wish I could do something to encourage more Filipinos to get onboard and use LinkedIn to further grow their careers or businesses.

One of the reasons the majority are inactive was that they had no idea how LinkedIn works. So I thought, I could probably help them better understand LinkedIn to encourage them to become active members.

And because I work from home, and thus, I stay at my ‘home office’ most of the time, I thought that meeting LinkedIn members behind their profiles would be great!

So although I wasn’t sure I have connections who would be interested in this simple meetup, I set the date: Dec. 2, 2017.

I wanted to make this event a small gathering so we can maximize our time and really “engage” with what each of us has to share.

Here’s our meetup ‘agenda’ back then:

  • “Say It Like You Mean It.” – Remy Ybay, Charter President, City of Angeles Toastmasters Club
  • Micro Learning in the Filipino Workplace – Kenneth Villaruz, Learning Director, Learnsmiths Philippines
  • Personal Branding on LinkedIn: How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Success – Virginia Bautista
  • Brand Positioning Through Guest Blogging – Maricel Rivera, Writer, Editor and Content Strategist

My Key Takeaways from Hosting the First LinkedIn Local Meetup in Angeles City

I thought all of us enjoyed being there so two hours didn’t seem enough for us. We were supposed to end at 5 p.m., but we finished at around 7 p.m. The discussion didn’t start on time, but networking began the moment we arrived.

1. Having something in common helps people become more open to conversations.

The most obvious commonality was that we’re all LinkedIn members from Angeles City. Aside from Ms. Remy whom I’ve already met at Angeles University Foundation, I haven’t met everyone prior to the meetup, but it felt like we’ve already met even before the event.

That ‘awkward’ feeling of being with people you just met for the first time — it wasn’t there.

Seeing everyone giving their full attention to each other as we shared our own stories and some insights about our topics made me realize how powerful LinkedIn was in bringing together like-minded people who were open to learning and willing to learn from each other.

2. LinkedIn Local attracts top performers in their own fields.

Quickly after the event, I realized another thing: Those who joined us — they’re all accomplished professionals in their own fields.

And although they’ve already accomplished a lot, they were comfortable hanging out with other professionals who also enjoyed seeing others succeed.

Networking is really about giving your time and sharing your stories and expertise so others could use them to learn and map their own paths to success.

And through the years, I’ve learned that successful people are not afraid of sharing a bit of their time and expertise with other professionals.

3. LinkedIn Local has the power to level the playing field.

When we arrived at the venue, we knew we’re all professionals and experts in our fields. We all have those titles or positions that go with our names in our careers. But honestly, whatever those titles were, they didn’t matter that much at that time.

Instead, our personalities and stories were remembered more than our titles. So I thought:

LinkedIn Local is an awesome opportunity to talk about our concerns, challenges, successes, failures, stories without being judged or being misinterpreted.

What the Attendees Say

I asked those who joined us at the first LinkedIn Local a few questions, including their reasons for joining the meetup, what they learned or gained from the meetup and whether they would recommend such event to other Filipino LinkedIn members.

Here’s what some of the attendees said:

Remy Ybay

What I do

Communicating with people is what I do best which is why I joined the 1st LinkedIn M/u in the Philippines.

I wanted to CONNECT. To LINK IN. I learned so much during the meeting. I realized that LinkedIn is a much Higher Platform than any other social media I am familiar with. Which makes it different. It brings out the Professionalism of One. Which is why I would highly recommend it to my much more Mature Circle.

And although I had volunteered to sponsor the venue during our first m/u, we were taken aback by the response we received from those who were very much interested to attend, but because of the limitation of attendees set, we were unable to accommodate all. Therefore, for our 2nd m/u, we have decided to hold it in a much bigger place and All will be Welcome to LinkIn with us!

Because after all, “May all who Enter as Guests, Leave as LinkedIn Friends“.

Kenneth Villaruz

What I do

I’m currently working as a Learning Director for LearnSmiths Philippines. My team designs and develops elearning modules from scratch for an American crane school, an Australian veterinary nursing college, a geographic information system school, a Singaporean restaurant, a Canadian accounting firm, and for a leadership development consultancy agency based in New Zealand.

My eLearning skills include content research, instructional design, storyboarding, visual graphics design, animation, courseware development, gamification and learning management system administration.

Why I do what I do

Sharing knowledge is my passion. Over the years I discovered I have a knack of transfering knowledge and skills to others. Using my failures and experiences as a learner, I was able to design, develop and deliver trainings effectively.

Why I joined the first LinkedIn Meetup in the Philippines – Angeles City

I wanted to expand my network and share my eLearning solutions.

What I learned or gained during the LinkedIn Meetup

I have learned a lot on how to improve my profile in order for the expand my network further. I also learned the different industries the participants belonged to.

Will I recommend the event to other Filipino LinkedIn members? Why?

Yes, because this is the future.

John S. Todorovic

What I do

I help companies, groups and individuals improve their communication and leadership skills. I also co-founded two small businesses with my wife, laundromats to be exact.

I believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to succeed in life and sometimes, all a person needs is a little “nudge” in the right direction.

If you want to succeed in life, don’t be afraid or hesitate to ask questions. You will be surprised by how many people are willing to share the knowledge and lend a helping hand.

Why I joined the first LinkedIn Meetup in the Philippines – Angeles City

Joining the first meetup was a great opportunity to discover new knowledge about building a personal brand while utilizing the power of technology.

What I learned or gained during the LinkedIn Meetup

I discovered how to extend my reach in the professional networking realm by following a certain set of guidelines. I also had an opportunity to exchange knowledge with people coming from completely different industries.

Will I recommend the event to other Filipino LinkedIn members? Why?

I definitely will recommend the LinkedIn meetup as it is a place to discover your true potential within a safe environment.

Crisly Zerrudo

I am an entrepreneur, a motivational writer and blogger. I authored Empowerment Revealed, an ebook that helps individuals empower themselves. I am also the co-founder, a community founded to empower and uplift. I am a mother of an Angel.

What I do

I encourage people who are struggling with life difficulties, especially grieving parents. This is how was founded.

I help people understand and uncover their full potential and make the most of their blog, like how to start a blog and make money from it. I also help other bloggers manage their social media and blog. I also manage 2 small business with my husband.

Why I do what I do

It is like a therapy for me. Trying to keep yourself sane after losing your child is not an easy task to do.

I use my grief to help other grieving parents. Nobody would understand them, unless you went through the same.

Because I have 24 hours, 7 days a week free for myself, I utilize it. I meet other bloggers who don’t have the time like I do so we help each other.

Why I joined the first LinkedIn Meetup in the Philippines – Angeles City

I know very little about LinkedIn, and when I was invited to join the meet up I grabbed the opportunity. I haven’t really used it, as I wasn’t looking for a job. I thought LinkedIn is all for corporate world.

What I learned or gained during the LinkedIn Meetup

It helped me understand how I can use LinkedIn to my advantage. That LinkedIn is not only for corporate world but also for entrepreneurs as well. I learned that like other social media I can also monetize my LinkedIn profile.

Will I recommend the event to other Filipino LinkedIn members? Why?

I would recommend this to my fellow Filipinos, because we all deserve to be our own boss. We all deserve to have time with our loved ones. Imagine, if you can work at your own comfort, while taking care of your kids, wouldn’t you like that? Many Filipinos are prisoners to the nine to five corporate world, I was too, but I found my way out.

Joel Baluyot

I’m a remote employee of a NZ based company, a part-time blogger and a future entrepreneur.

Why I do what I do

I decided to leave the corporate world and became a work-at-home professional so I could spend more time with my family.

Why I joined the first LinkedIn Meetup in the Philippines – Angeles City

I joined the first Linkedin Meetup in the Philippines to meet and learn from individuals who are passionate about Linkedin and in their own field.

What I learned or gained during the LinkedIn Meetup

Most communication with my LinkedIn connections has been virtual and online so for me, I appreciate meeting some of them personally and hear their stories plus learn some new tricks I could apply on LinkedIn.

Will I recommend the event to other Filipino LinkedIn members? Why?

I would definitely recommend the meet up to be a continuous gathering of professionals because I believe it is a great time to share what we know about Linkedin, what we can do to help others and influence others to become passionate on it. Thanks a lot for inviting me and I’m glad to have become a part of the first meetup. More to come next year! 🙂

Grace Florencia Manalili

Why I do what I do

It started out as a need to help my spouse with providing for the needs of our big family. It turned into a channel for turning my passion for writing into a financially-rewarding career.

Why I joined the first LinkedIn Meetup in the Philippines – Angeles City

I knew that I will learn a lot from such gatherings and I was right.

What I learned or gained during the LinkedIn Meetup

I learned some tips on how to optimize my LinkedIn profile from Ms. Virginia. I also learned how I can start a blog despite my busy schedule – from Kenneth and Maricel. Ms. Remy, on the other hand, helped validate my belief that learning doesn’t have to stop at a certain phase of one’s life.

Having meetups like this is not only good for our individual careers, it is also a great way to interact in person with other people. This is especially true for those of us who work from home.

The other participants have also inspired me with their stories about their freelance careers. They help remind me to be grateful that I am still able to do what I love and get paid for it.

Will I recommend the event to other Filipino LinkedIn members? Why?

Yes, definitely. The meetup is not just about educating attendees about how to optimize their LinkedIn profile. It is also a gathering of people from different industries – people who share their experiences and tips on how to improve your brand, gain more clients, etc. The meetup is a great way to meet new friends.

Here’s our photo back then and my post-event LinkedIn update.

I am so grateful to all who made the 1st #LinkedInLocal Angeles City possible: Remy Ybay Kenneth Villaruz Maricel Rivera Gerry Dizon John S. Todorovic Crisly Zerrudo Joel Baluyot Grace Florencia Manalili Roman Palo, PECE Aldrin Macaranas ⭐

So What’s next after the first LinkedIn Local meetup in Angeles City?

Because I haven’t hosted any meetup since then, I decided to start the second half of this year with hosting more meetups.

This July 2018, through the help of my LinkedIn connections from the area, we were able to set three meetups:

LinkedIn Local Angeles City – July 7, 2018

CAREER ADVICE: Power Through Quarter-Life Crisis by Seeking Professional Help

Bianca Castro is helping me a great deal in organizing this meetup, so I’m so thankful! We’re holding it at Cafe Somerset. I’m also grateful that Jeff ManhilotJohn S. TodorovicMelissa Macapagal and Bianca Castro agreed to be our panelists. And of course, huge thanks to Crisly Zerrudo for agreeing to be our panel host.

LinkedIn Local Clark – July 12, 2018

📌 How to Use Digital Marketing Tools to Generate Leads for Your Business

📌LIMITED SEATS available.

📌 Register here 👉

For this meetup and with the next one set on July 26 in the same venue, I am working closely with Ms. Edna Eufemio. She found me here on LinkedIn. We agreed to meet and have coffee, and then we thought we could host LinkedIn Local meetups in Clark. So here it goes!

And of course, I’m grateful that Richard Noromor agreed to be one of our panelists to share his expertise in digital marketing.

We’re holding another one in Clark in July 29, but that one is targeted to HR professionals in companies located at Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga. I’m releasing the poster soon.

What’s In It For You?

You might have been wondering all this time — so what’s in it for you?

Because of those key takeaways I had from the previous meetup and as you can see in the positive feedback, I’d encourage you to join future LinkedIn Local events in your area to see for yourself how it’s like to meet real people behind their LinkedIn profiles.

There’s nothing more real and more engaging than connecting with humans and hearing their stories — that’s the essence of a LinkedIn Local meetup. We don’t sell. We don’t pitch. We just want to hear your stories.

Want to join a #LinkedInLocalPH Meetup in your area? Let us know by answering this brief questionnaire 👉

🔸 Thank you so much! Looking forward to meeting you in person! 🔸


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