How do you stay TOP OF MIND on LinkedIn?

🔶Be a CONTENT CREATOR. Help your network succeed by publishing original content that they could learn from.

🔶Be a CONTENT CURATOR. If you’re not into content creation, share useful third-party content with your network.

🔶Be an ENGAGEMENT CHAMPION. Browse through your network’s content and then like, comment or share whatever you find useful.

🔶Be a SUPER CONNECTOR. Introduce your connections to each other. One intro could get them the opportunity they’ve been waiting for.

🔶Be a COMMUNITY BUILDER. Create a virtual environment that fosters mutually beneficial relationships and help each other grow.

🔶Be an INFLUENCER. If you can get people to act through your content, you’re an influencer. Use your influence to help them get out of their comfort zones and be the next influencer.

🔶Be a MOTIVATOR, a source of INSPIRATION. If people get inspired and motivated to BE MORE and DO MORE because of your posts, you’re already adding a ton of value to their lives.

Did you notice one COMMON thing in the list? All of them encourage GIVING, rather than receiving. That’s the key. Stay top of mind by being a GIVER, not a taker. 💛

[This is a short post originally published on LinkedIn]

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