Are you open to career opportunities? Or maybe you’re thinking about taking a career pivot and you’re now open to exploring opportunities. Let me show you four LinkedIn features that can help you explore opportunities by leveraging your network.

With career opportunities, I don’t just mean jobs, but also other opportunities that can help you find jobs and other events that can help increase your market value. These opportunities may come in the form of:

  • Jobs
  • Collaboration
  • Attracting like-minded people
  • Speaking engagements
  • Free PR (getting interviewed or featured in media sites)
  • Finding a mentor
  • Guesting in webinars
  • Guest blogging
  • Finding a mentee who might need your help
  • … and more!

LinkedIn features that can help open up more opportunities for you:

#1: Career Interests

Go to Jobs >>> Career Interests

From there, you can turn on that button on the upper right-hand corner to “let recruiters know you’re open” to opportunities.

You can then further refine your preferences to signal to recruiters whether you’re actively looking for a job, you’re just “casually looking,” etc.

My Advice: Make sure that you select the right preferences including location, industry, whether you’re open to working remotely, etc., to help recruiters find you at the right time and in wherever stage you are in your job search.

#2: Career Advice Hub

Sign up on Career Advice to receive professional advice from those who signed up to give advice. LinkedIn will then match you — as someone seeking advice — with those who are willing to give advice on your selected themes.

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Since I choose to give advice, here’s how Career Advice Hub looks like from my side:

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If you use this feature to seek help and you receive a reply from another LinkedIn member who’s willing to give advice, just make sure that you reply, as well. In my experience, I tried to reach out to one of those seeking advice, but I never heard from them.

My Advice: Take this opportunity to learn from your fellow professionals. It’s always great to feel that you’re not alone in your journey and that someone somewhere is willing to help remove the roadblocks for you. Besides, you never know what other opportunities can transpire from your conversations.

#3: The LinkedIn Alumni Page

This LinkedIn feature is mostly hidden from LinkedIn members. To go to the alumni page, you can either:

🔸 Search your school using the search box.


🔸 Click on the university on the Education section of your profile.

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Either way, you’d be directed to your Alumni Page. Just make sure to choose ALUMNI on the options on the left tab.


Once you’re there, you’ll see useful insights about your fellow alumni. Imagine having the ability to contact or connect with any of your fellow alumni. It’s totally possible through LinkedIn!

Using the Alumni Insights, you can find LinkedIn members from your school by filtering these criteria:

  • Where they live
  • Where they work
  • What they do
  • What they studied
  • What they are skilled at
  • How you are connected

My Advice: Use the Alumni Tool as your research tool to find the perfect person to reach out to, whether you’re looking into getting hired at a particular company, or you’re looking into building relationship with a mentor. Try it!

Here’s what LinkedIn recommends:

#4: LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is available only to Premium subscribers, but having access to hundreds of courses is absolutely worth the LinkedIn Premium Career subscription. You can choose courses from these three broad categories: Business, Creative or Technology

You can either take individual courses or enroll in the whole Learning Path, which is a series of relevant individual courses that can help you upgrade your skills towards specializing in a broad topic.


For example, if you’d like to specialize in becoming a digital marketer, taking the ‘Become a Digital Marketer‘ will be of great help.

As you can see below, taking this Learning Path will require you to commit 19 hours to complete a series of 7 individual courses including Online Marketing Foundations, SEO Foundations, Google Analytics Essential, etc.


My AdviceIf you get a job opportunity that requires you to do a job that you haven’t had much experience on, check if there are LinkedIn Learning courses available to help you, then take those courses to prepare yourself for the job.

I did this in 2016. In order to land a freelance job that paid six figures a month, I took a 10-course Learning Path — ‘Become a Content Marketer’ — to help me get the ough the interview.


At that time, although I understood what content marketing was, I had no idea how to execute a complete content strategy. So taking this Learning Path has been very helpful. Thanks to LinkedIn Learning, I got that freelance opportunity!

At the time, it was still, which although LinkedIn has acquired in 2015, has not been integrated yet with the LinkedIn platform. ‘Become a Content Marketer‘ is also now available here on LinkedIn Learning.

LinkedIn is not just a job portal; Use these LinkedIn features to find better and bigger opportunities

LinkedIn has evolved a lot since it was launched in 2003. As you can see, LinkedIn is more than just a job portal. It’s a portal to all kinds of opportunities that can take your career to the next level.

So take advantage of these LinkedIn features and the platform to empower yourself to create your own path to career success!

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