Being visible to the right audience is critical to your success here on LinkedIn. Based on the new LinkedIn feed algorithm, here are 10 tips to help boost your visibility:

🔸 CONNECT with your target audience.

🔸 Create content that will motivate them to FOLLOW you.

🔸 Set ‘FOLLOW,’ not ‘Connect,’ as your profile’s primary call to action.

🔸 Use HASHTAGS that your target audience is likely to follow. LinkedIn recommends 3 hashtags, max.

🔸 ENGAGE — react, comment, share — with your network’s posts.

🔸 Encourage them to follow your LINKEDIN PAGE.

🔸 Join GROUPS that they follow and engage or share content with those groups.

🔸 Encourage CONVERSATIONS in your own posts.

🔸 RESPOND to commenters on your posts. The longer the conversation, the more likely for your post to keep appearing in your network’s feeds.

🔸 Be AUTHENTIC. Tell your stories and share your journey to encourage deeper conversations.

In deciding which posts to appear in our feeds, LinkedIn uses a framework called “People You Know, Talking About Things You Care About.”

To be more visible to your target audience, you need to understand what matters to them.

This is a SHORT-FORM CONTENT I published on LinkedIn.

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