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Virginia Bautista

“Time to make your LinkedIn profile work for you by building a personal brand that will supercharge your career and boost your income. Virginia Bautista shares nine steps to build a powerful personal brand on LinkedIn.”

– Forbes


Your EXPERTISE counts. Your STORY matters. You are what you STAND FOR.

My mission is to help you build a strong LinkedIn presence that helps you get found for your EXPERTISE, be remembered for your STORIES, and be recognized for what you STAND FOR.

Your PERSONAL BRAND is your key differentiator that makes people:

🔸Sign up for your courses
🔸Buy your books
🔸Show up in your webinars and live events
🔸Join your community
🔸Sign up in your email list
🔸Invite you to speak in their events
🔸Book a call in your calendar
🔸Engage your services


LinkedIn is a powerful tool that helps build your influence by getting people to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you. With LinkedIn, you could:

🔸Get found by your ideal customers
🔸Build meaningful relationships that lead to new business & referrals
🔸Generate quality leads without spending a $ on ads
🔸Be recognized as THE expert in your space and win your ideal clients’ trust
🔸+ more!

Be found. Be remembered. Be recognized.

Let’s make LinkedIn work for you!

What I Do

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Let me optimize your LinkedIn profile so you’ll STAND OUT, attract the right opportunities and be found by your target clients! Ideal for professionals, consultants and freelancers.

LinkedIn Profile & Page Management

Too busy to use LinkedIn to drive results for your company? Let me create and implement a LinkedIn strategy that helps generate leads for your business. Ideal for C-level executives & entrepreneurs.

LinkedIn Workshops

Want your team or organization to leverage LinkedIn to help achieve your company goals?  I do corporate LinkedIn training to help companies attract top talents and generate quality leads.

LinkedIn Lead Generation

Generate highly qualified leads for your business through a LinkedIn outreach that is proven to get you in front of your ideal customers. 

LinkedIn Profile Audit

If you’ve been using LinkedIn but not getting results, book me for a one-on-one profile review. I’ll audit your LinkedIn profile and share tips and strategies that you can use to achieve your goals.

LinkedIn Content Marketing

Position yourself as a thought leader in your industry by consistently publishing long-form content. Don’t have the time to write? Let me handle the writing for you. I’ll maintain your voice and write for your audience.

Ready to make LinkedIn work for you?



Virginia is arguably one of the experts in this field in Asia. You should definitely follow her on social, read her articles and collaborate with her, if you’re lucky enough.

Joe Escobedo

Former Forbes Contributor with 1M+ views, Singapore

Just three days after working with her, my profile views increased by 3,050%, my Network SSI rank jumped from Top 48% to Top 13%, and my profile showed up on top of LinkedIn search results for my chosen keywords.
Sheba Coffey

Basketball Scholarship Advisor, Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area, US

Any company or person who wants to learn more about LinkedIn and how they can make it work for them, either as a lead generator or for branding efforts, should get in touch with Virginia. I have yet to see someone in the Philippines who knows more about LinkedIn, than she does.

Jeff Manhilot

Inspirational Speaker & Marshall Goldsmith SCC Certified Coach

Virginia’s workshop on building your own brand through LinkedIn was very thorough and actionable. While she touched on inspiring success stories, she wasn’t reliant on fluff. She dove into the more technical side of things, too. We learned so many new things from her. Most of all, she was an effective and sincere teacher. She made herself available to her students for Q&A and feedback. I really enjoyed her workshop!

Rebecca Lee

Case Team Assistant at The Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

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